Facts About Ein El Sokhna

 Port Activities and Tours El Ain El Sokhna is one of the beautiful spots on the Red Sea and the nearest to Cairo. El Ain El Sokhna (El Sokhna) is an Egyptian city located on the coasts of Gulf of Suez. The literal translation of El Ain El Sokhna is "The Hot Spring", the name is originated from the sulfur springs in the nearby mountain "Gebal Ataqa". It is a favorite spot for water sports, fishing and underwater photography, as Air Jordan 11 well as ideal for camping. It is a region that stretches from just south of Suez down the coast for about sixty kilometers, and mostly consists of a port along with a series of resort complexes, with a few independent restaurants, gas stations and other facilities scattered cheap jordans shoes along the coastal road. Ain El Sokhna is blessed with a mild sunny climate all year round, cheap New Balance smooth sandy beaches and marvelous clear blue waters rich in marine life and spectacular coral reefs. Ain Sokhna's location fairly near to Cairo has made it a major destination for Cairene holidaymakers desiring to get out of the capital's notorious summer heat. There are several tours from Ein El Sokhna Port going to the nearby tourist attractions like Cairo trips from Ein El Sokhna Port and Giza pyramids excursions from Ein El Sokhna Port. cheap nike air max 1 slae

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